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With the end of the auction come the Paypals and checks! As you pay for your 'winnings', don't forget to send me your Proof of Payment (copy of Paypal or Check/Money order scan or info) because without that, I can't connect you to the donator - and then no WINNINGS!

It's also the time I start sending out CONNECT NOTICES to those who donated items and the fans who 'won' AND paid for them. The original donator will receive an email with the winner/s in the CC: section. Once received, it's up to the donator to start talking to their winner.

The Donated Items Pages will show by the 'taken'/'won' items whether it's been paid (it will be in GREEN) and whether the Connect Notice has gone out. And remember, all WON items have been MOVED to the bottom of the page. The unpaid items are in RED.

This is where you must be vigilant - check daily once you've paid to ensure your name has gone GREEN - this proves I received your Proof of Payment. Also check to see those important words, "Connect Notice Sent".

For Special Donated Items, I'll send the email ONLY to the individual who donated the item/s, and in the body of the email wlll be the list of PAID winners and their email addy so she can then begin to contact all her 'winners' to let them know how they'll receive their 'winnings'. I will NOT send out this email until at least HALF the people who signed up for the item/s have PAID.

"But aly, some items weren't 'sold' - and I'd like a couple of them. Is it too late, even for the "Bidding Items"??"

Why, No dear FAN, it's NOT too late, especially for the First One-First Won items, the Special Donated Items and Make A Wish Items! The items will remain up until October 12th, as will the animals!

If you have any questions, email me at:
alysideburns at
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