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Hey, there's over a hundred pretty neat donations on the LJ auction site and an astonishing number have NO bids. We're over a week into the auction and I've never, ever seen things moving so slowly. I know the economy is hard for a lot of us, myself included, and I know we're all tired of the Zoo never seeming to make any progress on getting into their new quarters, but that's not the Zoo's fault, sure not for lack of trying for years now to get all the government approvals required, and it's sure not the animals' fault. They still need support -- anything helps.

Have you checked out the LJ auction site? Gone to see what's on offer this year? Isn't there anything you could wish for, a story or artwork, a songvid, that you'd be willing to donate to the Zoo if someone could make that wish come true? There are calendars that Garett will be signing and will personalize for each winner. Everyone needs a calendar, right? And they'd make a nice gift to a fandom buddy. There are hand knit goods and songvids and art and episode videos and stories and ... well just so much great stuff and adorable animals for adoption, too.

And on top of all that, if you donate or make a bid on any item, you can send a personal message to Garett, one that may well be read to him at the GMOH Con next weekend and which will go into a book for him to take with him. This is your chance to for sure get a message to him, of appreciation, of gratitude, of good wishes. Surely, there's some positive message you'd like to send along to him?

Please, at least go and take a look at the webpages with the donated items and the animal adoptions, if you haven't already. Please, make a bid, be willing to donate, even a minimum fifteen dollars on one item. Every dollar goes to the support of the animals. And please, feel free to pass this message along to encourage others to also go to take a look and hopefully decide to help. Here's the link for the donated items, the info about the message to Garett, and this page has links to all the other relevant pages like the animal adoption page and the general info about the auction. Please, take a look at all the good stuff that's on offer:
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