caarianna (caarianna) wrote in garett_maggart,

Update and new Trailer for DemonSpawn

The cast and crew are ready and willing to get this webseries going, but donors are needed. Deb Warner has provided the following message and link to the webpage where the various 'gifts' are outlined for each donation amount. She's concerned that few people are seeing the information and has asked that it be shared as widely as possible.

On Garett's behalf, we're posting the links here. As with all donations in the business, one hopes for the best but, as with Demon Under Glass, the ability to honor promises depends upon the success of the webseries. As is noted on the link provided, if the goal isn't reached, the funds donated will go to various charities, as supported by the principals in this project.

Here's Deb Warner's message and link to the new trailer and the information for contributors:

I'm not sure if you saw the posts, but the campaign is live. I am getting inquiries from our leads about how it's going already. I'm concerned that very few people have seen the trailer and it's some very good work from Garett and Owen. The trailer is on the campaign page Please, spread the word.


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