alyburns (alyburns) wrote in garett_maggart,

Big News: Garett is acting again - in a play!

Yep, he's acting again - HOORAY! If you're going to be in the LA area between Feb.20th (opening night) and March 28th, then get your tickets now! The play is "Niagara Falls" and is described as a dark comedy, with lots of fun twists and turns for a honeymooning couple. It's playing at the "Theater of Note" in LA, near Hollywood and Vine. The theater is small (48 seats) and a 'black box' type, meaning the 'stage' can be anywhere or nowhere, it can be in 'the round', or a typical stage, with the audience seated accordingly. The tickets are extremely reasonable: $20 for seniors (let's face it, that accounts for many TS fans now *G*) and $25 for you spring chickens. :)

Garett hasn't given up his woodworking, but he is doing this play ''for a friend", so yahoo!!

Four of us (caarianna, knitty_woman, me, and magician113) already have our tickets, so here's hoping more TS fans can make it!

Keep checking this site from the 20th on - for reports, reviews, and maybe photos!!!
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